Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Personal Blogs

3 P's in a Pod
-- A Mom's day to day adventure of raising 3 amazing girls while trying to juggle hubby, kids, a cat, church, finances, family and a few post-international adoption adjustments. You can read along with me as I rattle off some of our fun, favorites, friends and more while I go through the ups and downs that is being a parent. Insert a review here and there, a giveaway or two and viola! Never a Dull Moment!

A Life of Benevolence -- My journey on leading a life with a compassionate heart, and how it relates to my family and my Trivani business.

A Mom's Love -- Parenting tips, holiday recipes, decorating and work at home ideas.

A Mother's Journal -- This is my virtual journal that talks and living about motherhood, parenting, childhood developments. More on women health issue, pregnancy, entertainment, current events, general living and more.

A Window To Our World -- an online journal of a mother of two tackling about everything - home, health, photography, kids and everything else.

Adventures in Mommyland -- My blog description: My blog is a fun mix of weekly giveaways, my thoughts, celeb news, good recipes, my personal pics, free stuff links, and cool giveaway links.

Also Known As Mom -- I'm Tina but in my life I'm also known as "Mom". I am a mommy to 3 little kids and this is my blog all about the In's and Out's of my life as "Mom". So please sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride from infancy through the teenage years with me.

Amazing Love, Amazing Grace -- My blog started off as a place to share pictures with friends and family in near and far off places. Now, it includes all that plus other snippets and tidbits about this, that and other things!!

Amoores -- A blog about our family and our adventures, and how we raise our girls to be strong individuals.

Ankle Rolls -- A blog about my experiences with having a premature baby. This blog is meant to be educational as well as therapeutic. The experience of being a NICU parent is not something that's widely discussed. Most people assume once your baby is home, you're fine. But you're not. The trauma resonates.

Army Mom: New Jersey -- I'm a 54 yr old mom of 3 grown children and 4 grandkids. I blog about my life, my family, my friends and anything else that pops into my mind. I also blog about my daughter, who is a medic in the US Army, who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Artistic Flair -- I am a fused glass artist and am selling my artwork on etsy.com. I just started this blogging business and am trying to get myself affiliated with the many "mom" groups that are out there.

Beading Mom -- Your average "blah blah blah" Mom blog. Motherhood, pregnancy, crafts, recipes, reviews and more.

Beautify Your Body & Home -- A place to blog about handmade products.

Beloved MaMa -- A faith and family MaMa blog: Beloved of God, MaMa to 3 sillies.

Beyond Mom -- Toddlers, dogs, and a husband...OH MY! Looking at parenting and working from home with much humor. This is a tough job, I cannot believe I volunteered for this! Oh, and do you know any babysitters? *grin*

Bits & Pieces -- I'm a stay at home mom with a one year old little boy and a two year old little girl. My blog is all about the little things in life that will never make it into the baby book...the bits and pieces of every day!

BlokThoughts -- Just my thoughts on my everyday life about kids, husband, friends, and co-workers...oh and the random people and events I encounter! It has some serious content but mostly just fun humorous events that happen to me or people around me on a day to day basis

blog[@]little-miss.org -- Where I blog about being a full-time college student majoring in nursing and a single mother to my seventeen-month-old son, Jason.

Bringing Home Ava -- A blog about a SAHM of two, adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. The blog also have a fundraiser for the adoption featuring custom unique baby bibs.

BrOwNfLaVa -- A Pinay's life in a fishbowl, stuff that she likes, her passions, on being born and bred in the Philippines, on being a single mom in a conservative & almost strict society, and the sunshines on her rainy days... her sons.

Busy Mommy -- Surviving Motherhood One Mess at a Time

Can Of Thoughts -- Thoughts about everyday life: as a mom, wife, school, business, friends and anything under the sun.

Cheaper By the Half Dozen -- This is my place to talk about anything and everything. I am a mom to six kids as well as a Christian fiction author for tween girls.

Chelly’s Equilibrium
-- A simple stay at home mother of 4, the three oldest just happen to be full time live with us step-children. A military spouse currently with family, stationed in Germany.

Cherry Blossoms Hair Accessories -- I make and sell handmade hair accessories for infants, toddlers, and children

Chesapeake Ribbons -- About life staying at home with my two year old son, while being six months pregnant, running Moxie Moms in Chester County, and of course, owning and operating my business, Chesapeake Ribbons - classic handmade ribbon accessories...with a cause!

Chic Shopper Chick
-- My blog is a site full of awesome finds for moms and tots alike! I talk about my favorite products, and through those products readers find out about my life and my family!

Chocolate Party -- My blog is where I write down everything there is for me to remember about my kids as they grow. Baby books just don't do it for me. I have 1 all filled out and one half full and 2 have barely been touched. So Chocolate Party was born. I write about life the good the bad and the ugly! It's a mommy blog through and through!

Coveted.Net - A Single Mom's Blog -- the blog of a single mother of an 8 year old boy. I blog about anything related to parenting, children, education, cooking, health, education, saving money, shopping, and anything else related to being a
single parent. I try to keep it interesting and informative.

Dawn's Daily Life -- My blog is about my family, silly holidays, recipes, teaching stuff, and just daily life stuff. I also participate in several memes.

Did Wonder Woman have to work this hard?
-- I'm a WAHM of 2 boys just trying to keep my sanity while keeping the house clean and organized, shopping smart and frugally, saving money, decorating on a budget, arranging fun activities for the boys and trying to improve my cooking skills, but I have to wonder...did Wonder Woman have to work this hard?

Domestic Diva -- Product Reviews, Marriage Monlogues, Weekly Giveaways, Mommy Matters, and Domestic Duties.

Donna Reed In Blue Jeans -- My journal of all the wild, wonderful, and weird things my kids do, and everything else that falls in between.

E-Housewife -- My blog is about my daily life as a wife, mother of three and being a housewife. I also have some really great recipes and crafts.

Eclectic Schooling -- "I homeschool because I've seen the village and I don't want it raising my children.

Eclectic WAHM - Work From Home Options -- Ideas, tips and tricks about making money from home. Whether it's part time for some fun pocket change or full time to make a living, there are many work from home options out there on the internet. You'll find some good ideas and opportunities here.

Embejo Etc -- A blog about all sorts of things... but mostly it is about Motherhood and young children. Home, life and kids.

Enjoying The Ride -- This is a blog about my life as a mom, wife, friend, sister, and daughter. I always try to find the funny in life, and most times I do.

Extraordinary Mommy -- Going above and beyond what is expected…aiming to live as an Extraordinary Mommy, Wife, Woman and Friend.

Fabulous Mommy -- This blog is for all mother's who need some ideas on ways to make life a little easier, more fabulous and less stressful. I like to showcase a lot of products that I find really useful or cool as well as ideas of things to do, places to go etc.

FeeFiFoto Blog -- I’m a stay at home mom to two kids who blogs about our latest slip and fall, with regular posts about my web site, FeeFiFoto.com, where we can put your photos on almost anything.

Figments [of a mom] -- This blog contains figments of my imagination, real insights, pet peeves and daily observances of a working mom. Some cool links and fun finds too!

Final Score: Boys 2, Girls 2 -- A place where 6 is the final score. 2 boys, 2 girls and 2 equally outnumbered parents where we do everything like you, just in quadruplicate!

For Every Home Soy Scentsationals Team Blog -- a sales team blog

Four Kids, No Dog, And Living the American Dream! -- A mom blog about personal feelings and experiences as a mom, and splash a little bit about her kids on it.. sharing the humor and the joys of motherhood with out making her blog permanent birth control for her readers.

From Cribs To Car Keys -- Advice, information, and stories about raising kids of multiple ages by a mom who knows!

Freaky Frugalite -- Blogging about trends, ways to be energy efficient, fun and interesting stuff. My motto is "making sense from common cents."

Girl Who Loves to Run
-- Thoughts on striving for some sort of balance (or what life is like out of balance!) in a full life as a wife, stay-at-home mother of two, author and runner.

Go Workout Mom
-- A blog for mothers to find time to make physical fitness a priority in their lives. By providing knowledge and tips, moms can gain support and motivation to live a fit life.

Graceful Babies Chatter -- Little chatter about my kids, hubby, and my creative outlet right now (my etsy shop!)

Green Mommy Musings -- At Green Mommy Musings, along with our partner site, Green Mommy Guide we are dedicated to helping moms go green and stay fabulous! Our goal is to show moms the many options that are out there that are kinder to the environment and to their babies than conventional products, without being condescending or intimidating.

Halo's Hope -- Take a peek at my daily jottings of raising 3 boys while trying to keep my house and sanity in place! And the occassional receipt stash from my husband! The entertainment never ends!

Hawaii WAHMs Blog -- We are a group of women who are devoted to our families, passionate about our businesses and fortunate to be living in Hawaii.

Heart of Rachel -- Family oriented blog featuring everyday slices of life.

Hip Mama Blog
-- Thoughts and ramblings on everyday life- motherhood, parenting, family..anything that comes to mind.

Hip Slope Mama -- A community blog based out of Park Slope, Brooklyn. A Blogazine that features fun and interesting articles written by women on a variety of topics including: career, innovation, real estate, environmental issues, parenting, spirituality and style.

Hot Off the Garlic Press -- Cooking and Baking are my passion. My vision is to class up the scene for "home chefs" and my recipes are home-made chic. I post several times a week, mainly my own original recipes.

Housewife @ Work -- A personal blog of a work at home mom about various issues and concerns, tips, cooking, current events, and other things.

I Hate Whine
-- A SAHM of 4 Kids' blog about the day to day things that go on in her home and family

i-Mommy -- Musings of a sleep-deprived, internet-addicted stay-at-home mom to 3 girls and 1 boy.

If I Could Escape -- The musings of a 30 something wannabe crunchy mommy trying to stay sane in a house full of boys.

It's A Blair Life -- My blog is about my somewhat "new" life as a stay at home mommy to my almost 11 month old daughter Caroline...as well as some other things that pop into my head on a daily occasion.

It's A Woman's World! -- The spot for women and men to come, share, comment, relax and enjoy written by a not-so-everyday 39-year-old mom of an infant, two preschoolers and a teenager with a home and a freelance editing and writing career.

Jamee Forever -- My Name is Stacey and Jamee Forever is my personal blog named in tribute to my beautiful sister, Jamee, who passed away five years ago at the age of 36. I'm a housewife, homeschool mom and part time data entry queen (from home). I've recently been dabbling in digiscrapping and showing that on my blog, and I love love love photos. I'm very visual!

jellybelly*jellybrain -- New product ranges, my son, inspiration etc.

Jessica Leigh Blog -- My blog is about my life, which includes my amazing family and friends, as well as staying at home with my two boys and running a part-time on location photography business! Fun Fun!! Check it out and leave me a comment!

Jules Journal -- A blog about family and a few added extras. I really have become addicted to blogging and love to visit all my blogging friends.

Just Another Day in Paradise - A blog about a SAHM who is 29 years old and holding! I gotta be real y'all, life is far too short to worry. So sit back, sip your coffee or tea and join me if you'd like...I'd love to have you visit a while!

Just Say These Words -- I'm a mother of five. My blog is about my kids, there's always something happening, my passions, books is just one of them, and every thing else which interest me. Ocassionally, there's ranting and raving too.

Kari’s Kafe -- I blog to sell various items to raise money for our upcoming adoption. Items include kids pajamas, robes, slippers, Tooth Fairy pillows, blankets of various sizes, and totes.

KDC Events -- We are two moms and our sister. We are in the process of starting our own party planning business. We are super excited to be embarking on this journey!

Let's Keep Cookin' -- It's a collection of favorite Filipino dishes recipes and I hope to engage others from the different parts of the globe to share their own favorite recipes too.

Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride! -- Random Thoughts of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by an Infertile, Late-In-Life Mom of Identical Twins Born 16 Weeks Premature.

Life With A Pixie -- Humor, fun, life, coupons, deals and steals. Getting through life one deal at a time

Life With Heathens -- Sarcasm and fun at it's best from a mom and wife living with cancer.

List Mama Blog -- Lists of Lists for List-Lovin' Mamas

Live Out Loud -- It is primarily a photoblog, and a place to share our daily lives with friends and family.

Living in the Moment -- My blog is about being a mother of a beautiful girl and a wife to a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Loving Heart Mommy -- I'm a Southern girl, Stay at home Mommy to 2 boys (Devin & Gabriel) and a baby girl due in September (Helana), proud Navy Spouse to Phillip. I blog about a "lil' bit of this and a big tad of that", everything from parenting, shopping, going green, saving money, digital photography and much more!

Mabey Memories -- A web log that keeps friends and family in tune with my family of 6 plus the dog! Keeps me focused on my life goals and desires to become the person God dreams of and share those dreams with others; to unleash personal and corporate creativiy within the church, overflowing it with passion and freedom while searching for the face and character of God.

Magnolia Mom -- My blog is about my life as a teacher, wife, and mom of 2 boys, who keep me very busy.

Make Me a Hot Mama E-zine -- Don't let motherhood declare a fatwa on your fashion sense. Make Me a Hot Mama's up-to-the minute trend alerts, product reviews, and articles help busy moms stay abreast of the hottest fashion and beauty topics. Who says motherhood can't be sexy?

Mama Lavender -- My life, loves, commitment to God, my family, and service to others. Things of interest to me (and hopefully others) as well as a bit of a soap box for issues that are of concern to me.

Mama Pajama -- My blog is about everything I love as a wife and mom. Topics include: family, sports, entertainment, and fun.

Mama Rose
-- The Real Scoop on the Poop - Rants, Poetry, Product Reviews and Interesting Links from a first time, thirty-something-something, stay at home mom in search of work from home opportunities and the meaning of life after baby!

Mandy 52 -- One Artsy Mama's journey from being "just a housewife" to living authentically as an artist and a supermom.

Memories to Scrap -- My blog is all about scrapbooking. Ideas, tips, techniques, book reviews, and lots of other things that appeal to scrapbookers. There is even a place to shop for all the new scrapbooking products.

Meow Musings
-- A random online journal focused mainly on family and parenting but also touching on running, music and life in general.

Milk is the new Prada -- I blog under the moniker - 'Prada Principal' and I write about everything from maternity, motherhood, fashion, trends, pop culture and beyond. I am mom to a two year old and a two month old, currently on maternity leave from my job as an attorney. I also design and sell womens clothes, bags and maternity Tshirts in my online store calistaclothiers.com

Mission Motherhood..making it my mission to get through motherhood one sippy cup at a time -- I am a 30-something stay at home mommy to two beautiful, potato hating, long eyelash having, smiley little girls ages 4 and 1. For the record I think the potato is the best thing ever created, therefore I question my relation to these particular adorable children. My fabulous husband loves, supports and puts up with me and I love him more than he knows. In my former life, I was an elementary school teacher; in my present life, I am a life teacher.

Mojoy -- My blog is about a beautiful baby girl who I adopted in July of last year. I love photography, scrapbooking, making jewelry, and just about anything artsy fartsy.

My Day to Day Life -- My family life in North Dakota. I blog about my kids, hubby, friends, and the happenings in our day to day life.

My Digital Life -- This blog shares with you lots of photos, digital and traditional scrapbooking, as well as snippets of the mischief and mayhem caused by my three boys and plenty more.

Mom 2 BB Reviews -- A blog created by a mom to review baby and toddler stuff and products ideal for moms.

Mom of 2 Dancers -- Mom blogger with review, contests, daily life & much more.

Mom in Mental Motion -- Musings of a bipolar wife, mom and grandma. I write from the heart and share openly about my stuggles with bipolar. I tell it like it is. You will find my menu plans, memes and lots of pictures of my family, especially my adorable grandchildren.

Mom Knows Everything-- My life as a WAHM. The adventures I have raising a teenager and a toddler.

MomOf3 -- The story of being a stay at home mom with 3 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband!

Mommy Cracked -- Mommy Cracked is blogging her way to sanity on a daily basis. Giveaways, contests, and sometimes she even cracks a funny!

Mommy Know How -- The place to learn tips and tricks for parents and product reviews!

Mommy Moments -- My blog is about my life as a mommy of a four year old and a newborn and all my struggles, laughs, and good times. I occasionally write about my days and how they go.. sometmes i write about my family also. it's pretty much about my life!

Mommy to Four Boys -- My blog is about life with my husband and four boys. I use blogging as a way to relieve mommy-stress and record memories until I can put them into my scrapbook albums.

-- I blog about my adventures with nursing and raising my toddler daughter.

Mommies With Cents -- We post daily about money saving coupons, sales, free samples, product reviews, green cleaning, recipes and various homemaking tips.

Momsie Tales -- A general parenting and personal blog. Its a place where I write about the joys and some not so joyful moments as a parent.

Money Making Ideas -- A useful make money online resource site exploring the many ways one can make money online. We discuss and write about moneymaking ideas such as trying products, blogging, writing reviews and articles, clicking paid emails, and many other ways to make money.

Mother to a toddler... I'm so addicted to him -- This blog is about my life as the mother to a toddler boy. He is all boy and loves to spread his cheer and energy everywhere. I try to update my blog every couple of days. I talk about my life with work and my family. I sometimes chat about our Boxer "Hoya" who takes a lot of heat from our lil man.

Mother's Day Gifts Are A Fun Way to Say I love You -- A shopping resource that provides ideas, and recommendations for gifts for our very deserving Moms.

Mummy Diaries -- A blog about life as a stay at home mom, reviews on things I have bought & general thoughts on everything!

Musings of a Mommy Bee -- I blog about a lot of things...attachment parenting, miscarriage (I've lost several babies), nutrition, living a more natural and sustainable lifestyle (organics, environmentalism, etc). I have a little etsy store and I promote that by showing off things I've sewn or knit for sale there. I also have a sense of humor which of course comes up regularly!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility -- The musings of one crazy stay at home mommy! Anecdotes about life, green living, and motherhood. Also, green product reviews every Tuesday.

My Attempt at Motherhood -- Once I think I have motherhood figured out - something changes! I hope one day to get it all right!

My Inner Bitsy -- Stay-at-home Mom who has gotten tired of fluffy, life is perfect, everything is wonderful, my kids are angels and my husband is always right-type blogs. Writing from the heart about whatever sparks my interest for the day - sometimes kids, sometimes family, sometimes you!

My Life For The World To See...from anxiety to epilepsy and everything in between - A brief glimpse into my life as a mom with anxiety raising a child with epilepsy.

My Mama Drama -- This is the personal blog of a SAHM to four kids, ages 6, 4 and 19 month old twin girls and wife to a very obsessed musician.

My Musings On This and That -- My thoughts on motherhood, being a wife, friend, and everything else in between.

My So Called Life -- A blog about my boys, my life, my family, my love.

My Three Wisemans -- My life as a stay at home mom, raising three boys, married to my high school sweetheart and trying to do so for the glory of God.

My Time to Blossom -- A life coach, entrepreneur, and mother of 5 inspires women to be their best selves.

My Treasures
-- This blog is all about the events, struggles, dreams, hopes, and everyday happenings of my family that I treasured the most.

Mythbuster Beauty -- A place where we can share our experiences of what works and what doesn't. I enjoy finding beauty products that are both cost effective and work so well I can enthusiastically recommend them to others. Its all about making smart choices."

Nissa's Niceties -- Blogging about kids, mommyhood, wifeyness, crafting, peeves, pop-culture, and whatever other funny randomness that comes to mind.

One of the Jones -- is a family blog...a place to talk about my family, and sometimes about my opinions or things I find amusing.

Organized Families -- A busy mom's blog to help you get your family organized while maintaining your sanity - hopefully.

Our Own Family Adventures -- My blog is mostly about my family & our adventures! It's sometimes funny, boring, cheesy, etc.....just keepin' it real :)

Parenting Know It Alls -- Blog with parenting articles, product reviews, up to date news, photos and much more!

Penny Pinching Pookie -- A little bit of everything, some ways I have found to save myself money, the days happenings, maybe a contest I found that I love.

Pinay Mom in Czech Republic -- Sharing my thoughts, point of views, activities etc.

Proud SAHM -- This is my place to rant and rave, praise my daughter, and talk about my family and where we live. Daily happenings and an opportunity for my friends and family to have a peek into our life too.

Random Thoughts -- A collection of random thoughts - I write about my family, friends, current events, great finds I want to share, and whatever else pops into my mind.

Rantingsof a Woman -- This is a blog on my day to day living with raising four amazing children along with other great adventures with travelling and children sport activities. Here we can get together and make great friendships and share ideas!

Refuge for a Single Mom -- A blog dedicated to providing encouragement, motivation and empowerment to single moms.

Regina's Family Seasons -- My blog is basically about the random happenings of me and my family, our life and our faith.

Remember This Life -- the "blah, blah, blah" of daily ongoings in our lives.

Renae du jour -- I'm Renae, recipe reader, head grocery shopper, food documenter and wife to Bald-D and mother to LK, a very ambitious two-year-old sous chef. I write about family, food and the connections in between.

Saddeyezz Scraps & Snaps -- My blog showcases my photography as I learn, my digital scrapbooking freebies, my thoughts and opinions on life, family, motherhood, TV shows, and other randomness as it comes to me.

Shak'in & Bak'in In The Kitchen With Shelly -- Shelly's Cooking & Recipe Blog along with Kitchen & Cooking Tips, Kitchen Organization and more.

She Mom -- Attempting Motherhood.. one day at a time!

Simple Me -- my daily life thoughts, recipes, my hobbies, srapbooking, cardmaking, photography.

Sleeping Mommy -- Happily married mom of three, attempting to balance home, kids, marriage, graduate school and getting healthy. "If sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture, then the CIA should seriously consider employing my children.

Smarty Pants Mama -- Daily advice for moms, based on real life experience and knowledge. References to websites, organizations and other tools to help moms to become smart moms.

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife
-- A day in the life of a Stay at home Mom and Military Wife, a little girl in school, a little boy in diapers, a husband who’s deployed. Parenting, Crafts for kids and cooking ideas.

Sunshine & Maccheroni -- A blog about life of a thirty-something stay-at home mom in California.

SuperMom Central -- This is a forum for all things "mommy". As I've thrown myself head-long into mommy-hood I've picked up a few things along the way that I think are worth sharing. There's something here for everyone - the articles fall into categories: Savvy Mommy, Hip Mommy, Brainy Mommy, Rockin' Mommy, Earthy Mommy and Crafty Mommy. I started this blog to remind myself and fellow mommies that what we do is tough, important, amazing and can also be fun!

Sweet Happenings -- A blog that reviews some products and talks about whatever, whenever.

Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. Blog -- A blog about a single mother and her daughters, memes, product reviews, giveaways, photos, mommy stories and info. Stop to get your daily fill of sweetness. It started off as just a spin off for my business and has turned into so much more!

That Crazy Mom -- Just a 30-something single mom in Middle America trying to cope with the daily chaos of domestic duties, working two jobs, custody crap, and having something that resembles a social life...all while managing her mental illness

the 160 Acrewoods -- A blogging mama of 4 babies, filled with photography & home of Word-Filled Wednesdays!

The Beautiful Craziness -- A blog about a fun loving mom trying to make sense out of this beautiful crazy life.

The Cafe at The End of the Universe
-- I am a SAHM, homeschooling parent of 2 teens and a tween who shares everything from life at home, to TV reviews. I am a writer wannabe, with works in progress that often get mentioned via my blog and sometimes shared.

The Country Blossom
-- Just a christian mama decorating her home, trying to reach out for Christ and have fun!!! I love country prim stuff and such as well!

The Daily Grind -- My blog is a little place where I can share my stories and thoughts and chat with other moms out there. I am a working mom of 2 and I love both my jobs ;)

The Homeschooling Blog -- Follow my homeschooling family's trials and triumphs, along with anything and everything (in terms of articles, links, and info) I can find to share on homeschooilng. This blog is written from a Christian perspective.

The In's and Out's of my life as "Mom" -- It's all about the in's and out's of my life as a Mom and how life and things affect it.

The Life of an Obsessed Reader -- I’m a sahm mom, wife of a Marine, full time English student, Boxer lover, and obsessed reader who blogs about all this and more. My topics vary day to day depending on what’s going on in my life at the time.

The Lil' Mommy That Could -- All about being a mom. I lost my car keys, ones throwing a fit, the other is writing on the wall with magic marker and have I brushed my teeth today?. "I think I can- I think I can...."

The Livy Updater -- I write about life with a 3 year old, do a little advertising and write about anything that is on my mind.

The Mama Hood -- A blog about my life as a Polynesian mother and wife to the most amazing man, and mother to the most amazing children.
They are my pearls, they are rare and priceless, and this our journey together as a family.

The Mom Blog
-- My blog is a blog for moms by a mom living in a blended family and trying to balance work, school and homelife-

This Military Mama -- Life is starting new! I'm a new Navy wife, a new mom, and adjusting to the Northwest vs my hometown of Southern California. Learning the ropes one strand at a time.

The Mommie Correspondent -- The Mommie Correspondent provides information on almost anything from parenting tips, blogging tips, product reviews, and personal updates. TMC provides a place for everyone to speak their mind and share their services.

The "Official" Heather Quarnstrom Blog -- The life and times of a WAHM mom. Heather Quarnstrom is a mother to five beautiful children as well as being an author, web/graphic designer, web host, and retail/wholesale business owner. Witness her struggle to stay sane while running several businesses out of her crazy home. Topics covered will include writing, business, family, networking, and more. While there, make sure to check out the great contests and giveaways!

The PMS club
-- The PMS club stands for Praising my Savior with a lot of humor and grace! We range from women in their 20's -50+ We cover a variety of topics for most everyone!

The Poopie Patrol -- A blog about the joys of having 2 in diapers.

The Sphinx's World -- A personal blog, me talking about things worth talking about.

The Wicked Life Of Me -- Just posting the wickedness that lies in the depths of this grey matter we call brain. Just the daily happenings in my life.

Thrifty and Creative -- A blog about saving money or finding a way NOT to WASTE. I try to figure out a way to use, sell or creatively not toss items! I am all for being "Green," however, my motivation is more towards saving money, making money, and the great side effect is being "Green!"

Traci Anderson Designs -- As a self-taught designer I am continually seeking new and creative ways to enhance my websites (and yours). Subscribe to my blog where I will be showcasing my latest designs and inspirations. I will also share my favorite designer resources such as SEO tools, hosting company and design software reviews, photoshop brushes, tutorials and more.

Uniquely Yours -- This is my contest blog to generate traffic to my real website which is Uniquely Yours but its at http://www.freewebs.com/shaythatcher. This website is where you can view my portfolios and see what crafts I've been creating and also links to where you can order.

Vintage Dutch Girl -- The Ramblings of A Crazed, But Grounded Woman who is...Wife to Lance and Mama to Jude. A sometimes OB nurse, a lover of thrift and craft who always follows Christ.

Vintage Sweet Peas -- An Etsy blog featuring vintage children's clothing, totes, pillows and vintage linens by Lisa Brown, a mother of two children.

Vixen's Den -- A blog about my life, my kids, my grandkids and the great friend's I have met through my site. We support each other (okay they support me!) through thick and thin; giving each other encouragement and free entertainment!

We Are That Family -- We are THAT family . . . you know the ones! Join our topsy turvy world where living can be a dangerous adventure.

What a Trip! -- I am blogging about being a WAHM mom of three, plus the coming addition of our triplets to our family. There is much anticipation and I am sure there will be a lot of chaos and exitement in the future.

What Mommy Meryl is Chatting About Today -- Laugh and cry with me as I share my trials and tribulations with you as a wife and mom - Mommy Meryl is alwasy better than therapy!

What’s That Smell? -- The adventures in life and parenting of two accidental mommies

Wifey's House, where sanity and chaos collide -- Wifey, is a 36 year-old wife, mother and writer trying to work her swerve while keeping life simple, sexy and sane. And, when she's not dreaming she's doing her best to make that reality. Wifey's House is where she blogs about managing marriage, motherhood and all the mayhem.

Wish List Mom -- I am a wife, mother, and new home-based business owner dedicated to being grateful for my life. Love to talk, shop, give my opinions on life, kids and TV.

Within Kiara Clozet:It's not Denial.I'm juz Selective With the Reality I Accept. -- A friendly blog where I share what goes on in my daily life, discuss about anything under the sun, all that we do in Singapore and what goes in the lives of the people I love.

Why Are They Calling ME Mom? -- I'm a stay at home mom in STL with a very interesting life, to say the least. I have two kids who are 16 months apart and I've been married for 9 years.

Women Have Pet Peeves -- A fun blog about three women discussing their pet peeves.

Work at Home Mom to Five -- A 30 something mom who loves to blog about anything and everything from gaming, family, products and the idiots I encounter in everyday life and I am rarely politically correct!

World Of Mom -- A blog about my daily ramblings, working from home and trying to stay sane in my world.

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Your Best Life -- Health, Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty Tips to help you live YOUR best life!